My Very First Blog

Getting there!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just starting with blogging, think I’m getting the hang of it. Feels like sitting in a traffic jam, as long as you keep moving you’ll get there in the end! I may not “Blog” everyday but you never know I may get hooked and go off on a tangent. Do stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Where has the time gone?

Not quite sure where the time is going. Our fourth week of lock down and I’m still running out of time….Why? Wish I knew, don’t know how on earth I managed to work as well. I remember my days before lock down were hectic, must admit I’ve tried to create some sort of routine but before I know it the days gone. So here goes…. the week day morning scenario….

Get up at 6 am, spend time with hubby till he goes to work at 7 am, yes he’s still working so no change for him. Hoover through the house, wash the floors, empty dishwasher if finished, hang washing out and a general tidy up not that it’s actually getting messy! Feed the cats, puff up the cushions, make the bed and so on check and answer any early morning messages. At 9 am get ready to join in with the body coach who I’m sure is trying to wear me out, go see mum to check all ok, then have a welcome shower after the strenuous workout which sets me up for the day.

Although the morning has vanished one plus side is that the weather has been fab for getting out in the garden which I’m fortunate to have one, it takes a lot of getting round but I love it and have got more done than I usually do this time of year. As a family is horrible not seeing anyone so thank heavens for face time, we’ve connected up each Saturday evening and had quizzes and name that tune amongst other madcap ideas. We’ve shared lots of things we probably would never have normally done.

Easter was rather strange not getting together but I sent them all a poem and a card which they had no idea about until it arrived. I had not wrote letters for years so another positive. I wasn’t going to put it on here but I’ve now changed my mind lol. This is what I sent them. I didn’t mean to make them cry.

When the World Joined as One – 2020

This year has been in lockdown,

The whole world couldn’t see,

A silent war we had to fight

With an end that really, wasn’t in sight.

We stayed at home, a few months at most,

It changed our lives forever.

A little time to stay at home,

That’s all, that we were asked,

With an aim to keep us

 Safe and well.

 Or deteriorate to an alternative?

Of, a living hell.

Not seeing our families and our friends,

Testing our patience became the new trend.

The doctors, the nurses and hundreds of key workers,

Kept our world in motion,

 Trying to keep everyone safe.

Some ignored the government procedures,

Punishment thus waited,

While most abided by the rules,

Until the silent war abated.

Getting together was no easy feat,

But technology had given us all a treat.

The ability to see each other, on a screen.

Which really is, not ideal?

With a feeling that somehow,

 It cannot be real.

There is no substitute, for a hug or a kiss

But when patience prevails our life is made bliss.

Denise Popple, April 2020


If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, there’s nothing more precious than family and friends. Every moment spent together is special.

Our day out is on hold but we’ll make up for it as soon as we can.

We create our own memories to keep, to share, to pass down.

Always remember;

Love, Laugh, Live, Have Fun.

Be grateful for what we have.

For now, we do as we’re told, stay at home, stay safe and look after each other.

Until virtual get togethers that have become reality

Turn into actual face to face normality!!

Told myself that I’m going to make more of an effort to write, so until tomorrow.

Home for now!

First I would like to wish you all well, stay safe and look after each other.

Just want to say that everyone is well here for now and hoping we can keep it that way. I live with an elderly parent who has asthma/COPD a daughter with asthma and mental health issues and a husband who is diabetic. Me, I have no underlying health issues, except a tear in a tendon affecting my arm, which hurts but I can live with it.

Most of our neighbours are all self isolating due to age and health issues so I’m trying to do my bit by fetching essentials and medication. I’ve set up a Facebook group so everyone can keep in touch, one blessing is we all have decent gardens to get fresh air. I’ve also stated that its for positive news feeds and confidence boosts as there’s enough places to voice an opinion and spread negativity. I’m a positive person and like to keep people upbeat as much as possible, albeit it might get harder as time goes on.

Yesterday was hard as we always have a family gathering so again we’ve set up groups to have fun with video chats, although it got rather noisy with the youngest granddaughter yesterday. I think the youngest grandchild was more shocked to find that granny and granddad could use it never mind instigate it!!

I don’t think the garden is going to look anything like it has done for the past few years. it’ll still need keeping tidy but we’ll see what happens. The photographs are from last year, with different areas for different moods. My garden is my happy place, particularly this time of year when everything is starting to grow (not the weeds) and a nice place to relax when it’s warm and sunny.

I call this my Mediterranean corner, a quiet place to sit and relax.

Not me, maybe!

A lovely comment on one of my posts made me realise that I must get myself into gear and start writing and not give in to life’s daily traumas. When I first started, I read an article of how many blogs fail, thinking at the time this wasn’t going to be me!! But here I am weeks later thinking, actually this could be me. Not that I want this blog to fail, in all honesty it’s the time to sit down, even when I could spare a few moments all I feel like doing is sitting in peace and quiet. @home @writing @thinking

Me time, silly o’clock, respite.

I am never quite sure what the day will bring, grumpy husband, stressed daughter, needy mother or the dog and cats not making their mind up whether to stay in, go out or just annoy me each time I’m on the phone or sit down in front of this PC.

Still not entirely sure what I think I’m doing writing this blog or attempting too but, I think it helps alleviate some of my frustrations. At the moment there is no respite from anything, not one day goes by where I have anytime to my self, to do what I would like seems near impossible, is one day to much to ask? or am I being selfish?

Sleep does not happen so rather than get wound up laying in bed pondering about work, housework, family I get up. 5.00 am, it’s tipping it down, cold too but the peace and quiet is magical, even the birds are still sleeping. That is what is so beautiful and makes it worthwhile getting up. If that is the only time I get to myself then it’s worth every minute. Some people have nothing so who I am to complain. Not that I am really complaining there’s more to be grateful for than not. Today the weather may be terrible but it could be worse. I have a home, a family, bills are paid and there’s always something to eat. I have my health, a sense of humour and I can laugh at stupid things, alot of the time the things I’ve done my self!

All in all life is good so here’s to another interesting day.


So last night after an emotionally draining day the phone rings. My brother in law, hubby at work and I was on the phone, believe it or not 2hrs 34mins. Eventually got to bed half an hour before hubby got home from work. 1.00am and still awake, drifting in and out of consciousness then my dog at 5.00am decides it’s time to get up, asks to go outside, goes outside and subsequently returns without a toilet break. Grrr, so I drag myself back to bed repeating the semi conscious state and then rolling out of bed around 9.00am. I hate getting up late as it throws me out for the rest of the day, plus the fact I feel like the walking dead. On a positive note, more marking of the granddaughters college work, seen mum, hubby got the new heater put in the bathroom and daughter feeling more positive than yesterday. As for the dog he’s spent most of the morning sleeping 😊. #exhausted #sleep #consciousness

Floors, trauma and crackers.

Yesterday we actually got the hall floor tiled two years after we’d had it newly tiled, this time due to a radiator that decided to leak when we had a planned weekend away. Luckily our daughter was at home dog sitting and managed to stop it. The poor guy who laid it the first time nearly froze as the weather had turned so much colder, the glue took ages to dry, the grout didn’t want to dry even with the heating on extra high and I was still washing it before bed. But it looks good, so worth the wait. In between trying not to let the dog escape out the front door, daily visits to see mum, going over homework for my granddaughter I somehow managed to fit in a shower, cook, clean and have enough time to eat 😁.

Today started off with the usual routine of sorting the pets out, very happy to say there’s been no vomit or poo to clean up, at least not inside. This week is definitely not the normal, hubbies shift week is usually exhausting, he gets home at silly o’clock disturbs me, the dog and cats who, think it’s time to get up, “oh it’s play time let’s see what noisy toys I can chew and I might even bury it under their pillow if they don’t play with me” by this time I’m awake. After several hours in and out of consciousness I get up, but after the mistaking a dead leaf for poo the other day I make sure I put the light on!! A normal day? Not sure I even know what one is if there is such a thing. Hubbies friend turned up this morning and of all things they went to see a different fishing lake! Crackers yes it’s been tipping it down. Talking of crackers actually sat down and started making some for Xmas I’ve been planning so they’re all environmentaly friendly. Other crackers is my daughters x partner, she’s spent years traumatised by him, she’s now getting stronger and at long last is sticking up to him, which is good as today the verbal abuse and language is far from desirable, in fact it’s discusting. Going into a counselling mode and trying to be impartial is getting harder as it’s frustrating seeing someone so upset, angry and distraught. At least she is beginning to laugh again, I always say laughing is the best medicine. #crackers #trauma #normal #floor

Laughter before work.

I’m a bit of a giggler, not so helpful before getting ready for a staff team meeting though. Up at 6.00 am so plenty of time to sort the dog and cats out, a nice cuppa while catching up with the news or so I thought. Just got sat down when one of the cats decided to start coughing which resulted in projectile vomiting across the kitchen floor, cleaned that up so decided to wash the whole floor while I was at it. Managed to put the cat out, noticed what I thought was a dead leaf (not got the light on) picked it up and to my horror it was poo which was hastily dropped, got a poo bag and disposed of it, scrubbed the mat, drank by this time my cold tea and subsecently howled with laughter. Why? I have no idea but the best laid plans never seem to go according to plan and it takes less energy to laugh than it does to start the day stressed, let’s face it life’s to short to worry about things that can be fixed. I did manage to shower, hair washed, makeup on and arrive on time. So all in all a good day 😁.

Time flies.

I am never quite sure where time goes. A typical day when I’m not working is 9.00 – 9.30 am see mum to make sure everything ok. Another visit mid morning, after lunch, then mid afternoon spend half to an hour making a drink chatting etc, back again anywhere between 16.00 -16.30, 18.00 and the last visit at 20.00.

Today hubby on a late shift so not much done other than visits to mum, putting out rubbish and anything else that may be needed. When hubby on shift he tends to constantly ask me what I’m doing or decides he wants the PC when I want it, goodness only knows how I got through University.

My recently moved in daughter is doing well and quite upbeat, actually persuaded her to draw up an action plan to re-start her art work, even though I say so myself she is an amazing artist. When I figure out how to load some of her work I will!! Watch this space.

It doesn’t sound like a lot in a day but that’s in brief and the day is fast approaching evening and with the darker nights creeping in my body thinks it’s got to go into hibernation mode. Is there any time for relaxation? Relaxation? not quite sure how to anymore.

Still getting my head around blogging !

Dare I say I’m getting the hang of it? Mmm, don’t know, maybe, sort of, I say to myself while still trying to figure out what and how to use widgets.

The whole purpose of trying something new was to see how many people find life, has been and is, getting more hectic as we get older and hearing how they deal with life stresses and coping mechanisms.

You may wonder what on earth I’m talking about, so briefly ( I’ll talk more depth as I feel confident with writing). I lost my brother several years ago and instantly felt responsible for my parents. My husband, mum, dad and I decided between us that our garage would make a nice bungalow for them, of which it is. Dad died suddenly leaving us to look after mum. Bless her she can’t drive so is totally reliant on us. Although she’s fairly independent there’s lots of things to help with such as collecting post, emptying rubbish, shopping and various appointments as she gets older. Then, when you think the kids are settled one of them leaves their home and arrives with rather a lot of unforeseen baggage. Nothing that can’t be sorted. Then with trying to work, look after the house seeing the other children and grand children the year has gone, we’ve survived Christmas and here it is fast approaching again.

All in all I believe that there’s a positive outlook to most things and maybe it keeps me young and active. Although, I’m not immune from an anxiety I don’t recognise, sleepless nights and frustration, in fact, the hardest part is staying calm on the outside while being about to burst into self combustion on the inside.

What age is a good age?

I could possibly talk about this for ever as there’s always instances when someone will tell you, you shouldn’t be doing that! I’ve often thought that there’s no manual out there that states what age we should be doing whatever, how we should dress or wear our hair. Does it say when we should give in to nature and let the grey take over? Not that I am giving in to that as I love a bit of red. Hopefully I’ll still be wearing jeans, keeping up with pop music or anything else that may be deemed as for the young for as long as I can. Admittedly my head sometimes says yes you can when the body says don’t be stupid. #age #thoughts #dress sense #hair