So last night after an emotionally draining day the phone rings. My brother in law, hubby at work and I was on the phone, believe it or not 2hrs 34mins. Eventually got to bed half an hour before hubby got home from work. 1.00am and still awake, drifting in and out of consciousness then my dog at 5.00am decides it’s time to get up, asks to go outside, goes outside and subsequently returns without a toilet break. Grrr, so I drag myself back to bed repeating the semi conscious state and then rolling out of bed around 9.00am. I hate getting up late as it throws me out for the rest of the day, plus the fact I feel like the walking dead. On a positive note, more marking of the granddaughters college work, seen mum, hubby got the new heater put in the bathroom and daughter feeling more positive than yesterday. As for the dog he’s spent most of the morning sleeping 😊. #exhausted #sleep #consciousness

Published by denannpop

I graduated in July after 3 years of juggling work, an elderly parent and a daughter returning home. Then there's a husband, a dog and two cats. I turned 60 in September, hectic, yes but I did it 😁.

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