Laughter before work.

I’m a bit of a giggler, not so helpful before getting ready for a staff team meeting though. Up at 6.00 am so plenty of time to sort the dog and cats out, a nice cuppa while catching up with the news or so I thought. Just got sat down when one of the cats decided to start coughing which resulted in projectile vomiting across the kitchen floor, cleaned that up so decided to wash the whole floor while I was at it. Managed to put the cat out, noticed what I thought was a dead leaf (not got the light on) picked it up and to my horror it was poo which was hastily dropped, got a poo bag and disposed of it, scrubbed the mat, drank by this time my cold tea and subsecently howled with laughter. Why? I have no idea but the best laid plans never seem to go according to plan and it takes less energy to laugh than it does to start the day stressed, let’s face it life’s to short to worry about things that can be fixed. I did manage to shower, hair washed, makeup on and arrive on time. So all in all a good day 😁.

Published by denannpop

I graduated in July after 3 years of juggling work, an elderly parent and a daughter returning home. Then there's a husband, a dog and two cats. I turned 60 in September, hectic, yes but I did it 😁.

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