What age is a good age?

I could possibly talk about this for ever as there’s always instances when someone will tell you, you shouldn’t be doing that! I’ve often thought that there’s no manual out there that states what age we should be doing whatever, how we should dress or wear our hair. Does it say when we should give in to nature and let the grey take over? Not that I am giving in to that as I love a bit of red. Hopefully I’ll still be wearing jeans, keeping up with pop music or anything else that may be deemed as for the young for as long as I can. Admittedly my head sometimes says yes you can when the body says don’t be stupid. #age #thoughts #dress sense #hair

Published by denannpop

I graduated in July after 3 years of juggling work, an elderly parent and a daughter returning home. Then there's a husband, a dog and two cats. I turned 60 in September, hectic, yes but I did it 😁.

3 thoughts on “What age is a good age?

    1. Thank you very much, you’ve actually made my day. I’ve never been told I look like Jennifer Grey but my children’s friends used to call me Cher years ago when I had long very curly black hair, before the grey took over lol. You’ve also given me a kick up the bum to start writing again as life took over once again and I’ve got out of the habit!!

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