Quite honestly I never thought that turning 60 would be as challenging as it has become. It appears that typically, we’re dealing with more baggage and complex issues than when we were younger, lets face it bringing up children and the trials and tribulations that go with that are challenging enough without all the other dramas that life throws our way.
It’s quite funny really that we’re told, you’re too young for that, you’re too old for that, by the time you’re the age…. You’ll be outgrown of this that or the other!
#zerotohero #children #elderlyparent #parenting

Published by denannpop

I graduated in July after 3 years of juggling work, an elderly parent and a daughter returning home. Then there's a husband, a dog and two cats. I turned 60 in September, hectic, yes but I did it 😁.

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